Response Post #3

Copyright and remixes are a very touchy subject. We learned from Everything is a Remix that nothing is original. Everything that is created is never new or original, it is always in inspiration of something else. While recent laws over copyright are claimed to be limiting artists, I believe that the laws can protect artist’s “original” work. With a good explanation of what copyright for music and how it applies to DJs is, I was able to come to the conclusion that copyright is a necessary evil. So what does copyright protect? Copyright keeps other artists from legally taking someone’s “original” music and using it for their own benefit. While their is a fine line between “original” and “remix”, at some point there is some original work. Perhaps whoever copyrights their work first should get claim for making something original.

This webpage gives you instructions on how to play your remixed music legally, and while there are a lot of steps that go into it, it is worth it to keep your music legal. Creating original music is hard, but once it is created, it is entirely worth it.

While my opinion sounds like I dislike remixed or unoriginal music and I believe it shouldn’t be created, that is not what I believe. I love remixed music, I just want it to be legally and ethically created. The steps to legally create remixed music might take a while, but if you love your work enough to put the time into it, it’ll be worth it.


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